Unwind with a Couples Spa Package

Relax with a Couples MassageWhy Book Couples Spa Packages?

If you and your significant other are both going to the spa anyway, booking a couples spa package can make the booking process that much easier. Plus, there are plenty of other reasons to book a couples spa package as well, some of which include the following:

Time together: One of the keys to a successful relationship is simply spending time together. Whether you're actively talking or just enjoying each other's presence, getting a spa day together puts you together.

Promote harmony: Harmony is essential in a relationship. Massages and facials can harmonize you both together and let you experience the balance of harmony together.

Reconnect: Maybe you and your partner both lead busy lives and need a moment to reconnect. It's always a good idea to reconnect over something calming like a massage.

Everybody needs a spa day. You work hard, and a bit of relaxation is sometimes necessary in order for you to recoup, refresh and rejuvenate. Going to a spa isn't something that you necessarily have to do alone, though. If you're in a relationship and you and your partner are looking for more ways to spend time together, a couples spa day could be just what's in order. Not many spas out there offer couples spa services, but BABOR Beauty Spa Vancouver is proud to offer services that cater directly to couples so that you and your significant other can enjoy a relaxing day together.

Book a Couples Spa Package TodayCouples Massage

A couples massage is simply a massage that that is booked for two people at a time. Usually, the massage will occur with the couple in the same room where they can lay near one other and talk throughout their massages if they wish. You'll each receive your own personal massage simultaneously, so you'll finish up at the same time, which is extra convenient if you traveled together or have somewhere you want to go together afterwards. BABOR Beauty Spa Vancouver offers different types of massages at different levels of intensity, and you can each get your massage at the intensity level that works best for you. For instance, while your partner might be able to handle a deep tissue massage, you might prefer a light one. Book a day of rest, repair, and relaxation by booking your couples massage at BABOT Beauty Spa Vancouver today. You and your significant other can finally spend time together while treating yourself to something that you both want to do anyway.

Refresh with a Couples FacialCouples Facial

Like a couples massage, a couples facial consists of you and your partner both getting facials at the same time. Again, the facials can be tailored to suit your individual preferences. You can enjoy a deep cleansing mask while your partner opts for a rejuvenating mask. Experience the perfect treatments together to leave you both feeling refreshed and with renewed skin. BABOR Beauty Spa Vancouver offers many different types of facials for you to choose from. Turn back time with the Reversive luxury facial that works to retain and extend the lifespan of the cells in your face, or cleanse, clarify and boost your energy with the Vital Aktiv Boosting Facial. There are also plenty of hydrafacials for you to choose from if you're looking for a more intense type of facial.

We offer the following services for couples to enjoy together:

Find the time to relax together by booking your couples spa experience today.