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When you enter the atmosphere of relaxing luxury provided by the Medi Spa specialists at BABOR Beauty Spa Vancouver, you will experience the true art and science of precision skin care. Our experts perform an in-depth skin analysis for each client, customizing the unique BABOR formulas to align with individual needs. As you bask in the soothing pleasures of your superior skincare treatment, impressive visible improvements in your skin quality will be taking place. The vitalizing, health-promoting ingredients of our unique skin therapy formulas used by our Medi Spa Vancouver experts will enliven your skin cells with renewed growth and elasticity while giving you a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Medispa Vancouver Experts Provide Innovative Skin Health Analysis and TreatmentsMedispa Skin Health and Beauty Enhancement Treatments in Vancouver

Our luxurious and highly effective skincare procedures include medical beauty treatments as well as BABOR body and facial treatments. Advanced medical beauty therapies are offered by the specialized therapists at our Medi Spa in Vancouver, using the unique BABOR products and methods. Using innovative breakthroughs in scientific research, BABOR experts have created skincare products and procedures that produce ultimate quality performance and lasting improvements in skin texture, tone and elasticity. Many natural and organic plant-based ingredients are included in BABOR products and are from fair-trade sources. All products are symbolic of the statement, "Beauty, Made in Germany."

BABOR Beauty Spa Vancouver and the Medispa Vancouver specialists offer the following advanced skincare therapies and techniques for a more youthful, vibrant and radiant complexion:

  • Skin Care: Advanced skin care in a state-of-the-art clinic offering innovative medical skin beauty treatments.
  • Laser Skin: Non-surgical laser procedures for tightening and resurfacing skin.
  • Anti Aging: Rejuvenating methods to restore the youthful quality of your skin with anti-aging techniques.
  • Medi Spa: Top-rated medi spa facilities at a convenient location in Downtown Vancouver.
  • Facials: Therapeutic treatments to detoxify, re-hydrate and protect your skin, restoring its overall health.

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Comprehensive and advanced skincare therapies offered to our clients at our Medi Spa Downtown Vancouver location include the following:

  • Collagen Booster Therapy: This specialized collagen treatment offered at the Medispa in Downtown Vancouver will give your skin more plumpness, density and suppleness. The highly effective combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen revitalizes your skin cells from the inside out while fading lines and wrinkles. Effects of this therapy are enhanced with use of a thermo sculpting mask that lifts, refreshes and reshapes your facial contours.
  • Hydro RX Therapy: This unique hydrating treatment brings excellent results in correcting moisture deficits in skin. With use of multi-dimensional hydration, it works to prevent premature skin aging by optimizing the skin's capacity to store moisture. HY3-Peptides are used for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out, amplifying the anti-aging effects of this therapy by reinstating the skin's fresh, youthful qualities and appearance.
  • RX Repair Therapy: This skin rejuvenating treatment increases cellular regeneration and cell turnover. It leaves skin with a more youthful appearance, free of wrinkles. This therapy is effective for use before surgeries and is also used to strengthen and vitalize skin following a trauma.
  • Refine RX Skin Renewal Treatment: This light, effective skin peel combines glycolic and lactic acids to loosen and remove dead skin cells while boosting skin cell renewal. The attractive and refreshing result is a brighter, more refined and rejuvenated complexion.
  • Refine RX Anti Couperose Treatment: This specialized therapy is the optimal procedure for decreasing skin redness and refreshing stressed skin. Its formula ingredients of horse chestnut and calendula extract support vascular strength and skin elasticity. This formula also neutralizes skin pigments, reducing redness and promoting a beautifully balanced complexion with even skin tones.
  • Refine RX Vita Detox Therapy: For cellular regeneration to take place, the skin must first be detoxified. This therapy uses a blend of empowering vitamins and minerals as a skin treatment and neutralizing aid for substances that can amplify visual indications of skin aging. With healthy detoxification, the skin will benefit from nutritional renewal, which will aid in maintaining youthful, vital skin.

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