Experience a personalized skincare journey expertly curated by our skilled skin therapists, where every treatment is precisely tailored to target and resolve your specific skin concerns and challenges. Bio-medical high-performance cosmeceuticals combined with a luxurious facial experience, deliver both visible and tangible results. Every step is designed to address your unique needs, ensuring a customized approach for optimal results. Feel deeply relaxed, experiencing not only rejuvenation but also a noticeable transformation in your skin.

 60 mins
CAD 205.00

 Specific and focused on individual skin challenges, these prescription therapies are just what the doctored ordered. Our expert skin therapists will customize an advanced cosmeceutical treatment to obtain your optimal skin care results. Combining high-performance cosmeceuticals with a luxurious facial experience, this highly experiential treatment leaves you completely relaxed with the results you can see and feel.

Also available as an 80 min treatment | $285